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These GOQ casings contain LEDs produced by Samsung, the largest
electronics firm in the world. Samsung always make high-quality products.


Our product was viewed – and highly appreciated – by many of those attending the event. The accompanying product information, which outlines everything you need to know when buying this product, also met with an enthusiastic response. Open and honest information about the technology, appearance, lifespan and cost price of the product. Many visitors were particularly surprised by the LEDs’ fantastic appearance in relation to their cost price. As was mentioned earlier, the modules owe their fantastic appearance to the high quality of the Samsung LEDs.

While other manufacturers have great difficulty guaranteeing consistent colours, Samsung always delivers a uniform product. Our LEDs can be supplied in a variety of colour temperatures. Our low cost price is thanks to our low margin and the fact that there is no middleman. You will be buying directly from GOQ Europe. Those sourcing from us directly will notice that the short supply line offers many advantages. Quick, cheap and always in stock. You can order directly via fax or email. Once your payment has been confirmed, we will immediately pack your product and dispatch it via UPS. You will receive the desired product within a day or a few days.

Many of you have already taken home a couple of GOQ LED modules on trial. After testing the product, you can only conclude that it is a wonderful product that emits a lot of light of a consistent and attractive temperature. We give on all our Samsung led products five year warranty.

If there is interest in free samples please contact us.

Remko van Gellecum